Finish Festival

Finish Line Festival

Finally, we get to the important part! The Finish Line Party is stocked with goodies, good music, and fun fun fun! The finish line area is open to the public so feel free to invite family and friends to come experience the excitement while you are out crushing the course.

What’s on the Menu? Thanks to our partners at H-E-B, all participants will get on first-rate food in the form on freshly grilled fajita tacos. Our friends from Jack & Adam’s Fredericksburg are on grill duty, ensuring hot and tasty fuel throughout the day.

Cheers to the Chase As a participant, refreshing drinks and yummy snacks are on the house, and if you’re over 21, explore the EIGHT beer garden! Just sport your participant wristband – it’s your all-access pass to the party and the beer garden, for those of age.

Stay Hydrated When you cross that finish line, participants will get a free bottle of Evamor alkaine water. In the festival there will be large refill stations where you can fill your bottle back up, there will also be cups available. Spectators can refill at the large stations inside the festival, so bring those reusable bottles!

Your Special Keepsake Collect a Custom Kerrville Water bottle when you grab your participant packet, you can even put in your extra clothes bag if you want it for after the race, or take it out on our course with you on the bike.

A Gentle Reminder Food and beverages are just for registered participants. Spectators, feel free to pack your picnics! Though some vendors may have free offerings, purchasing won’t be an option at the finish line.

So, lace up your running shoes, invite your cheering squad, and get ready to party! We’ll see you there, can’t wait to celebrate! 🎉 🏅