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What You Need to Know: Kerrville Tri 2022

What is in your packetWe know you get the swag but what about that envelope? And what are those plastic bags? In this video, we start the envelop and break down the credentials you have received and how to use them. We will go over the bags in the gear bag video below.Tattoos and the transition wris

2022 Kerrville Tri Ambassadors

We’re proud to introduce the 2022 Kerrville Tri Ambassadors! These individuals are runners of all speeds, abilities, and experience levels, truly representing the running community...The post 2022 Kerrville Tri Ambassadors appeared first on Kerrville Triathlon.We’re proud to introduce the 2022 Kerrv

Dine & Shop at The Kerrville Legend

Enhance Your Hill Country Experience by Dining and Shopping at a True Kerrville LegendRegardless if you are from Texas or visiting you have most likely heard of the famous H-E-B. Founded in 1905, Kerrville is the original home to the grocery legend known as H-E-B. The store has extended to include t

What to Eat and When During a Triathlon

This post was originally published on Glen Gore, former pro triathlete and current coach.If ever there was a hot topic of debate, it comes in the form of triathlon nutrition and more importantly, nutrition intake on race da

Personal Mantras & Why Mindset Matters

“Mind over matter.” “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.” Hokey catchphrases or the real deal?I say they’re the real deal! As a 30-something mom who loves multi-sport, I know perception turns to reality. Given the importance of having a positive mindset during the training, here are a few per

The Life Changing Impact of Training for a Triathlon

The competitive nature of triathlons and the amount of physical effort it requires brings drastic changes in people who participate. Triathlon training is a life-changing experience as it reshapes and enhances multiple aspects of an individual’s life.Let’s discuss how triathlon training can be benef

Ambassador Blog: Training and Racing Over 50

If you bought a 50-year-old Porsche 911 everyone would say you bought a classic car, but when athletes turn 50 people tend to think they become junk heaps.The athletes themselves know that training at 50+ can be just as rewarding and fun as racing when you are younger and stronger. It just takes a d