Cut Offs

Course Cut-Offs

Each half distance athlete will have 8 hours and 30 minutes to complete the race upon entering the water. Cut off times are subject to change.

Half Cut Offs
  Location Time of Day
1:10 Swim Finish 9:00:21 AM
3:20 Bike Start of 2nd Loop (Mile 29) 11:10:21 AM
5:30 Bike Finish 1:20:21 PM
8:30 Run Finish 4:20:21 PM
Quarter Cut Offs
  Location Time of Day
0:35 Swim Finish 9:33:06 AM
3:00 Bike Finish 11:58:06 AM
4:30 Run Finish 1:28:06 PM
Rookie & Sprint Cut Offs

The cut-off for the rookie and sprint is three hours upon entering the water.